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The Story of

Sweet Land Farm 

Grunge Wood
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Meet Nathan and Veronica

Our dream of Sweet Land Farm began years ago, but we made it a reality when we purchased our home and 32 acres in Cloquet, MN in 2014.  Veronica was in graduate school and we had just had our third baby, so of course it seemed like the right time to buy a fixer-upper and begin our farming dream!  Whew, did we have a lot of work ahead!  We both continued to work our off-the-farm jobs as we built the farm and personal care product businesses.  In 2018, I was able to leave my job and focus on these businesses full time.    Recently, Veronica was fortunate and got a job that is off in the summers, which allows the five of us to be home together farming and adventuring. 


Over the last five years, we have been planting hundreds of blueberry plants each year in preparation for opening our pick-your-own blueberry farm!  2020 was a big year for us as we finally opened the farm up for families to come pick.  This is just the beginning of many years of memories that families will have out here on our farm.  Our dream has always been to have a space for our community to come play, explore and enjoy the outdoors while also enjoying organic blueberries.  With the help of so many friends and family, Sweet Land Farm has grown tremendously.  Each blueberry bush has been planted with love and cared for organically to help bring you and your family the best product.  We hope you come out to visit us; we’d love to see your kids running around, tasting the berries and be part of your family memories!    -Nathan and Veronica

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