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Happy Gnome Gift Box

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It can be really hard to find gifts for kids that also supports small businesses. We had that in mind when we developed the Happy Gnome Gift Box.

The gnome was hand knitted by my wife Veronica and it is cuter than the picture makes it look. There is some variety in the colors used for the gnomes, so the one you get may not look exactly like the one pictured.

The Minifigure soaps are made with a clear soap base that has a minifigure suspended in it. The more it is used, the quicker they can play with the toy.

Don't think that this is just a gift for little kids, people of all ages love minifigures and gnomes.

Gift pack includes:

1 - Hand Knitted Gnome - about 7" tall - colors may vary from the gnome pictured 

3 - Minifigure Soaps (Orange)

1 - Card Designed by a Local Artist

All items come in a gift box with crinkly paper

"Winter's Eve," "Winter Squirrel," "Bear" or "Fruity Birds" - Blank - By Schaefer Design Co.

"Love" - Blank - By Warrior Printress Letterpress

Free Shipping/Local Delivery

There are many reasons why this is a great gift:

  • Whoever you give this to will love it!

  • Simplifies the gift giving process

  • You are supporting multiple family-owned, small businesses!

  • Free shipping/local delivery (we offer free shipping/delivery on all orders $9 and over). We can even send it directly to the recipient so you can save on shipping costs.

  • Ships to the United States only

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